I Make Myself Happy

In the bible King David said that he encouraged himself and Apostle Paul said I make myself happy.  I think of these two statements often. So many times we look to others things, whether it’s job, partying or other people to give us the measurement of happiness we seek.

I love my husband and son greatly and they do make me extremely happy. But I know that I have to deposit into me to bring out the best of me. Why? Beause if I had no one is this world I could call family or friend, I would need to search deep within to withdraw from the well of happiness. How do I make myself happy? Well, I love to sing, cook, travel and read. Even in my alone time, I find happiness in just being silent. I’m never bored. If I have a book or my kindle, which I’m addicted to, I’m happy. I also find happiness through prayer and thanksgiving. When I feel as if I’m having a down day, I talk to myself and lift self out of the pit. Without family and friends, how would you make yourself happy?

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