Joy or Happiness, Which do you Choose?

“I Choose Joy Because Happiness is not Enough” by Author Kay Warren is such a profound thought. Like many, you probably thought that joy and happiness were the same but it’s not.  Happiness is fleeting. You can be happy one moment and sad within a second.

Joy is something that surrounds the soul and spirit. No matter what is happening in your life or the trails and tribulations you go through, you can find joy in it. Why? Because I do believe that “Trouble don’t last always and joy come in the morning.” Take for instance, your child has put you through troubling times, no matter what he or she has done, you look deep and you find joy remembering the child’s birth, the first word, the first step, etc.

Nothing can take the joy from those times from you.  Happiness is instant gratification. It comes on what makes us feel good for the moment or what is pleasing to the eye.  Joy is depth. He surpasses what you think is good and gives you what is great.  What is your joy in life?

One thought on “Joy or Happiness, Which do you Choose?

  • Jacki Kelly

    I think you’re right. I’m going with joy too.


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