Love Is Only a Whisper

Love is only a whisper.  I saw this somewhere the only day and it got me to thinking.  These words are so true.  For instance,  I never thought about having children. But when I got married, many moons ago, I knew my hubby would eventually want children.  Sooner or later a little one would be part of our lives. I just never thought about how this little person was going to be intergrated into our busy lives.  I had imagined when the child came it would find a place and fall into step without me having to do anything about it. Hmm…sounding like a drill sargent.   On that hot  Saturday afternoon when our son was born,  the delivery room nurse lay him on my chest,  I inhaled a soft breath when his eyes stared back  at me.  Then I exhaled in a whisper and fell madly in love.  Now some twenty plus years later, I’m still crazy in love.  As I think about it today love is so profound. It  grabs you when you least expect it.  I can only say, I’m so glad it did.

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2 thoughts on “Love Is Only a Whisper

  • Tori Hall

    I read and love “love is only a whisper”.Can’t wait for whisper my name. It’s going to be good.I also purchased Seasoned just right. You are a great writer keep up the great work and thank you for writing Ir romance love stories.

    • renee

      Hi Tori,

      It’s always wonderful to hear from readers. The second book, Whisper My Name, in the series should be available for release July 2014. I just returned from Israel where I was gathering information for the 3rd book, Whisper In the Wind, which will come out in early 2o15.
      I’m glad you are enjoying the series and I’m also thankful you purchased one of my previous books.
      If you happen to attend Romance Slam Jam in New Orleans or the IR Readers Cruise in September, please introduce yourself.

      Happy Reading,


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