Hide me until I can get up.

With family, work, friends, church and etc, sometimes life burdens make your shoulders droop. As people who want to do right for ourselves and make everything right for others, I find myself crunching under the weight. We all know that even if we are tired to the bone it doesn’t stop us from answering the phone while we are trying to rest. Nor does it stop us from putting out a smile when someone drops by the house uninvited.  And most of us, certainly don’t want to make our friends and family unwelcome. Even though in your mind you wished they had at least call to tell you they were stopping by.  And what about when they ask were you busy and you politely tell them you’re tired and were trying to get some rest.  What do they do? Keep talking as if you didn’t say a word. And what do we do?  Nothing. We allow it.  And once we do, we could kick ourselves after they leave for being such a coward.  Well, I’m saying we need to find a place we can hide until we can get our strength back. And certainly a place to help us get back our smile. My hiding place is a nice cool room with the curtains closed and a reading lamp on.  I like it when I have the house to myself.  I take the phone off the hook. There is no television, just the sound of silence. Ah…such peace.  Enjoy it because it won’t last long.

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