Trust Is The Life’s Blood For Faith

Trust is the the life’s blood for faith. I read this somewhere and it got me to thinking. When my only child died on his 25th birthday, I lost faith. He wasn’t sick. Or rather I didn’t know he was sick because my son told me or my husband he was hurting or sick. Many times I have asked God why didn’t  he tell me something was wrong? God is all-wise, all-knowing and all-present. He knows everything. My son was the miracle my husband and I prayed for. Now he was gone. My faith shattered into millions of pieces. My heart was no longer pumping with joy. But this I know, even in my anger and hurt, I still trust God. Through the pain, the tears and struggle, I have faith that God will put the broken pieces of my heart together again.

One thought on “Trust Is The Life’s Blood For Faith

  • Lynn Kellan

    What a beautiful post. Sending love your way.


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