Fly Spirit Fly

We’ve had a lot of snow and ice in the Northeast. So much that it’s closed businesses and schools for a couple days. But it hasn’t stopped the children and some adults from enjoying the beautiful flakes. As you ride along, you can see many snowmen created on lawns by loving hands.

Looking at the beauty of the snowfall and the twinkling lights of the stars, at night, we are reminded of the awesome wonder of a higher creation. But through all of this family and friends still dealt with the passing of love ones. No longer will we hear their voices or see their smiles as they stretch their arms to receive hugs. No longer will they tilt their faces for kisses and drops of snowflakes.  Their spirits decided to fly, leaving those behind in pain and sorrow.  Through time, we will remember the good times of laughter, singing, and rolling in the snow.  Then, we’ll be able to say Fly Spirit Fly.

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