This one word can turn your life upside down or put it on the right path. Change is involved in so many facets of your life, attitude, personality, job, entertainment and etc.  It’s a very powerful word that affects everyone at some point during their journey through this land.

One change that women can’t escape, even though, we would like to is menopause. Yes, I said the dreaded word. I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, it passed over me. One reason, I never or rather couldn’t remember my mother going through it. Daughters are supposed to follow the “change” like their mother did, right? Well, not necessarily true.

The worse part and I think all women can attest to it is the “hot flashes.”

Who asked them to knock on our door? I certainly didn’t. No one invited them to come and visit nor did we asked them to move into our house.  But they did without permission. They’ve invaded our days and nights. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of a speech, shopping, in your Sunday best at church, giving a presentation or sitting in front your male boss having a discussion.

The flashes control you. They are the ones that decide it’s time to make their present known. They spray you with beads of water that appear on your forehead, around your nose and or on your upper lip.  You don’t have the power to ask them to please be discreet with their presence. They don’t care where they plant themselves.

You try to be discreet by pretending that you are swatting an irritating string of hair that fell forward or an invisible bug or fly but what you’re really doing is creating a coolness that is desperately needed.

Hot flashes can change your personality in a second. A calm person with dignity and sophistication will turn into a snappish, growling person who would claw you for a cool breeze.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

Share your experiences and solutions. Help your comrades fight to the end this invasion.




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