The Constant Need

Most of us are hectic, in this world, with our jobs, families, activities and etc. It just seems never to end with all the things we need to get done in our daily and weekly trek through life. The constant drive for completion or satisfication is always there.  And don’t forget how we try to make everyone around us feel good.

Once our feet hit the floor, in the morning, we should thank God for the day, take deep breaths and sit on the side of the bed for at least 2 minutes to clear out the mind and the spririt. Take the time for yourself each morning to satisfy and complete yourself.  If you haven’t come full circle, then your day is off.  I say the constant need should be for you make the day your own. Just let the rest of it fall into place.

One thought on “The Constant Need

  • Jacki Kelly

    Amen to that!


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