Was It Just A Dress Rehearsal?

As I look back on 2012 I wondered what happened. All the things I needed, wanted or just hoped for were still back there.  As I crossed over in 2013, I wondered was it just a dress rehearsal for the real things that are yet to come? I’m not making any resolutions for 2013 because I know I won’t keep them. But I do ask God to help me to live, eat and be better. I’m not going to look back and say I wished I had because nothing in 2012 can be changed.  It was just a rehearsal getting me ready for a new beginning. I purpose in my heart, not for anyone else, but for me, to be true to myself. So don’t think about what happened, or what you did or did not do, leave it in 2012 and step over into 2013 with a new insight to be all that you can be.

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